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A grant opportunity for Canadian writers and graphic novelists:

The OAC offers the Writers Reserve program (program name to be changed in 2017) through which a recommender (like ELQ/Exile) receives applications. On average, ELQ/Exile allocate $32,000 to fiction writers, poets, non-fiction writers, dramatists, and graphic novelists, through a multi-tiered selection process that arrives at a final list of recipients – for us, on average, 16 people (with allocations between $1,500 and $2,500 to each).

Important to note is that over the past 10 years ELQ/Exile has consistently remained one of the top two recommenders – receiving among all the recommenders the “highest volume” of applications.

• We encourage all creative people to submit.

• In our deliberations, all creative people are considered equally, based on their talent.

• We are very fair in our decision making, looking to support a diversity of talent so that we may enable vibrant and pluralistic creativity.

• We also look to publish – from our selections, when appropriate – those works of creative literary and visual arts that we feel fulfill our mandate, and importantly, represent an arts ecology that may enrich Canadian and international readers.


In the latter part of 2017, and through 2018, we will offer a professional mentorship program that brings emerging writers together with established writers. This program will be administered by The Excelsis Group (link to be added here).


In 2019, by way of ELQ/Exile and through The Excelsis Group, there will be opportunities for creative people to apply for funding to realize proposed works/works-in-progress.